My dual studies at DZB BANK

By Charlotte Brzoska - Dual student, 2-3 years of study

What is special about DZB BANK: "The open atmosphere and strong involvement of the dual students".


Participation of students in projects  

In my second year of study I got the chance to be part of a project in the field of shoe retail together with the other students of the ANWR GROUP of my year. We took over the coordination of the tasks among the students, acted as "dealer" for ANWR GROUP and were part of the project team. Our task was to receive the shoes from the last season from the retailers and to handle the online sales of these shoes. First of all we had to sort the stock and to register the shoes in an inventory control system. As soon as an order was received, we took over the shipping of the shoes and also the acceptance of returns. The ANWR GROUP as parent company offers the possibility to gain experience in other areas - like in my case in the retail industry. As a thank you we spent a final weekend in Area 47 in Austria with the project team. Among other things we went there to the high ropes course and did a water rafting tour. In addition, we had the opportunity to further expand our network across companies at a final dinner as part of the project.


Combining studies at the Rhine-Main University of Cooperative Education and working at DZB BANK

Before I started my apprenticeship, I was concerned about how I would master working and studying in parallel. But this worry was already taken away from me during my pre-study internship in exchange with the other dual students at DZB BANK. Thanks to the regulated process thanks to the cooperation between the University of Cooperative Education and the bank, this is not a problem. The two-month rotation between work and the Berufsakademie is planned precisely so that you can prepare for everything in advance and you don't have to expect any surprises. Since the theory phases each end with the exams on the lectures attended during the phase, I was able to concentrate fully on my work during the practical phase at DZB BANK.


Deployment of students across company boundaries

The students with the subject "Banking and Finance" as well as the other students and trainees of the ANWR GROUP with a different orientation get the possibility to participate in the planning and realisation of different events and projects besides the regular practical work. Events where the trainees of ANWR GROUP take over the planning together are among others the annual employee party and the Girls' and Boys' Day. This includes for example the budget allocation, the communication with external service providers, the creation of a schedule as well as the preparation and coordination on the actual day. This enabled me to gain new skills beyond my actual job and improve them with each new event.


Insight into all areas of DZB BANK

In the course of my training, I worked in every department at DZB BANK. This gave me a good overview of the activities and interrelationships in the bank after my first year of study. With each department, I gained new knowledge and was able to combine it with the new knowledge I had acquired at the university of cooperative education. The experience gained during the practical phases at DZB BANK is also helpful in enabling me to follow the lectures at the university of cooperative education more easily.


Networking and employee satisfaction  

Networking is very important in ANWR GROUP and thus also in DZB BANK. Through the 9 practical phases in the course of my studies in the different departments I was able to build up a large network in DZB BANK. Due to the mutual exchange with colleagues, I knew over time who was the contact person and expert for which topic, which made my work much easier.  In addition, ANWR GROUP offers various events throughout the year to strengthen the WE feeling across the group. From gliding, jumping fitness courses, the JP Morgan run, to the annual employee parties, which are always organised according to different mottos. I always enjoy attending the WE events in order to get to know colleagues from the parent and sister companies beyond DZB BANK. The highlight in 2019 was Nena's live performance at the annual summer party to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ANWR GROUP and the 40th anniversary of DZB BANK.  

Always flexible It is also important for me to be able to organise my working hours freely and thus be able to pursue my leisure activities in addition to my dual studies. Since DZB BANK is committed to the flexitime model, I can decide flexibly every day how I want to organise my working hours and thus coordinate them perfectly with my private life. 

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