Financing solutions for retailers

Credit programs

In wholesale and retail, financial bottlenecks generally result from a time gap between the payments for incoming goods and receipts from the sale of goods. For these critical liquidity areas, DZB BANK offers you the cost-effective instrument of seasonal financing. You can find support in these areas:

  • Financing of the basic merchandise stock
  • Shopfitting financing
  • Investments in operations building
  • Investment in the modernisation of business equipment
  • Financing promising expansion projects
  • Financing through subsidy banks and own subsidy programs


Leasing is a modern financing concept, in which investment or capital goods are used for a limited time period, against payment of an agreed fee. The goods can subsequently be returned or purchased at the residual value. Particularly for SME retail organisations, leasing is becoming increasingly important.

  • Increased liquidity and safeguarding of your equity capital
  • optimised banance sheet key figures and improved rating
  • Utilisation-congruent term and protection from texhnical obsolescence
  • Tax advantages (leasing installments from operating expenses fully deductible)
  • Secure planning basis due to regular leasing installments