Bundled and simple settlement

DZB central settlement simplifies the settlements between the retail and industry partners of a cooperative and guarantees all sides a punctual payment flow with more security and efficiency.

DZB BANK assumes the 100% del credere. Suppliers receive the guaranteed payments at fixed arranged dates from DZB BANK.

Without central settlement, the retailer would receive a separate invoice for each of its supplier's deliveries. The payment of the invoices alone would cause a great deal of work. This is handled by DZB BANK. It collects the invoices of various suppliers for each retailer and delivers them in a collected form. The retailer only pays to DZB BANK. This saves time and minimises errors in settlement.

For the retailer, this means simplification and sustainable relief in bookkeeping and accounting. All invoice documents are available in bundled form in the DZB BANK Online Portal.

DZB-CS - secure advantages for retailers

  • Gain of image towards suppliers through a guaranteed flow of liquidity
  • Sound financial planning through variable payment targets 
  • Cost reduction in payment services 
  • Simplified accounting
  • Professional customer service
  • Reliable complaints management 
  • Internet portal for central settlement
  • No duplicate payment problem
  • Bank secrecy

The funktionality of central settlement