Member of the Bankenfachverband

58 credit banks are organised in the Bankenfachverband. They are the experts for financing in the areas of consumption, investments and motor vehicles.

The Bankenfachverband is the association of credit banks in Germany. It represents the interests of its members towards politics, bank regulation, consumer protection and the public. As a contact for financing, it expresses opinions on questions from legislation, case law, administration and economics.

Member of the BVR - security in a cooperative network

DZB BANK is a member of the Protection Scheme of the Bundesverband der Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken [the Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks] (BVR).

The Protection Scheme is an expression of the solidarity of the cooperative banking group while preserving self-responsibility and self-management and protects the deposits and bearer bonds of the customers of the affiliated institutions 100 percent and without an amount limit.

The EU directive and the German deposit protection legislation emphasize the idea of an efficient system of depositor compensation in addition to their support for bank customers’ vested interest in the security of their deposits, which the BVR institutional protection scheme has already been guaranteeing for decades. In order to meet this requirement – which is new for an institutional protection scheme such as that of the BVR member banks – while continuing to offer the same level of protection, the BVR’s institutional protection has been refined and BVR Institutssicherung GmbH (BVR-ISG) has been set up. This ensures that the current high level of protection provided for the customer deposits of the cooperative banks affiliated to the BVR-ISG will be maintained even under the new legislation while, at the same time, the new requirements applicable throughout Europe are fulfilled.



Deposit Guarantee Scheme with BVR